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It Takes a Village Boy

If you could flash back in time to the small Ugandan village of Wanteete, you might see a gaggle of children on their daily trek, five miles from home, to school.

No one seems to stand out in the crowd, until they reach the classroom. That’s where Aaron Bukenya rises head and shoulders academically above the other students. Aaron’s parents were subsistence farmers who didn’t have much money or education, but they did have a vision for their smartest son.

“When I performed so well in my primary exams—I was the best student in 120 children—my parents wanted me to continue my education,” Aaron recalls. They sold all of their cows and crops to send just one of their six children to a better school.”

So began Aaron’s journey from the rural village to the big city—Kampala, Uganda’s capital, where Aaron lived with his uncle and received an education from high school through university that opened his eyes and his heart

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