The BESO Foundation has been serving rural Uganda since 2010. 


BESO is a Ugandan grassroots and non-profit organization that serves disadvantaged children and women in rural area of Uganda by providing access to quality education, health services, and economic empowerment. In everything we do, we place children and rural small-scale female farmers first. Since 2010 we have provided 864 children access to quality education and implemented agriculture and business training initiatives to over 600 rural women farmers in Bugerere County.


The organization was founded by Aaron Bukenya in 2008. Aaron grew up in Bugerere County and was the only child in his village sent to the capital city, Kampala, to get a quality education. As an adult, Aaron observed the vast differences in his quality of life in comparison to his siblings and neighbors. As a result, he has dedicated his life to providing better educational and vocational opportunities to his deeply impoverished village in rural Uganda.


With a degree in education, and years of teaching experience, Aaron began advocating for his community by talking to schools in Uganda's capital, Kampala. These schools graciously offered a 50% scholarship to 350 children from different villages. From this, the concept of starting a community-based organization gradually took shape, and in 2010 the idea was formalized into a non-profit organization. In 2013 the organization rebranded into BESO Foundation and was officially incorporated as a not for profit organization by the Uganda Registration Bureau. 


Today the BESO Foundation focuses on quality education, as well as improving livelihoods for rural families through supporting and empowering mothers. 90% of mothers in the rural areas of Uganda are left with the full family financial responsibility. BESO Foundation aims to economically empower women by supporting small community savings groups


The first aspect of our Family Centered Approach is to provide formal and vocational education to empower young people with skills that enable them to be contributing members of their communities.


This is coupled with household agricultural, village savings and loan associations and business trainings that are designed to create economically productive communities. As a result families are better able to keep children in school, ensure food security, increase incomes and achieve higher standards of living.


BESO Foundation, Uganda


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