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The BESO Foundation has been serving rural Uganda since 2010. 



BESO Foundation is a Ugandan Community Based Foundation started in 2010, whose aim is to be a community-driven center of excellence for education through model schools that accelerate quality teaching for improved learning outcomes. We believe that quality education and economic empowerment break the cycle of poverty in rural communities.


The foundation works to build and support model schools, provide scholarships to children in need, mentors teachers and organizes families into savings groups with micro-credits to improve income to help pay for their children’s education.


In everything we do, we place children and their caretakers first.


The first aspect of our Family Centered Approach is to provide formal and vocational education to empower young people with skills that enable them to be contributing members of their communities.


This is coupled with household agricultural, village savings and loan associations and business trainings that are designed to create economically productive communities. As a result families are better able to keep children in school, ensure food security, increase incomes and achieve higher standards of living.

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