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In 2010 a child called Mark Mubiru of wanteete village, 6 years was knocked to death by a local taxi motorcycle while taking a long walk of 5 miles to the nearest school. In such a school over 100 children try to cram into one classroom, children would spend the whole day studying on empty stomachs and only 1 teacher for over 77 children. Driven by this injustice, Aaron (BESO-Founder) got inspired by a group of 80 mothers from his village to start a school for Mark and other children like him with a start up capital of $1600. 

We are embarking upon a process of establishing model

schools in rural districts in Uganda. In Kayunga District, we have established an Early Childhood Learning Center, Primary School, and a Secondary and Vocational School. Once completed, these three schools will serve as model schools and be resource centers for other schools in the

district. Each school offers scholarships to out standing students.



To educate and produce responsible future leaders in all spheres of life through schools of excellence for learning and innovation for students to pursue their education goals in a conducive atmosphere.


To cultivate a love of learning, reading, and understanding offering High Quality Academics, Staff Capacity Development, Life Skills and Counselling Extra-Curricular Activities, Vocational and Entrepreneurship studies




Education is Liberty and Changes



Student Selection: 

We run a very cost-effective model that combines tuition collection with a scholarship approach. Our model is for every 5 paying children, we enrol one for free (scholarship) and make services affordable to the fees paying students. Every single one of our students on scholarship was chosen because they combined academic promise with a desperately poor background and a great attitude to work. We support the schools to feed them with meals that develop the mind and body, educate them, and do everything possible to ensure our students grow up with the ability to think critically, innovate, solve problems and able to succeed in future to break their own cycle of poverty.


We also increase parents' engagement through school management committees and provide basic health care such as immunizations and testing for Tuberculosis and HIV. Other necessary medical check-ups and treatment are followed-up on by the administration 

School Model and Activities:

High Quality Academics

To promote hands-on, experiential learning that emphasizes creative and critical thinking and with more focus on STEM learning, literacy and numeracy. A low student-to-teacher ratio and a philosophy of open communication to create an environment in which learners are able to recognize their strengths, find their passions, and seek guidance

Extra-Curricular Activities

To encourage our leaners to explore their interests, find their passions and develop practical skills through clubs, games, agriculture projects, art workshops and leadership training

Staff Capacity Development

To promote Professional Development of our staffs and faculty to explore new teaching methodologies to expand our capacity to serve our learners in the most effective way possible through Professional Development workshops that focus on cooperative and experiential learning techniques and retreat through fellowship to reconnect to passion and heart of teaching.

Life Skills and Counselling

To promote Life Skills and Counseling that offer students support, guidance, and training to prepare them to make positive decisions as young, educated community members. The program to enable students participate in designing and leading their own curriculum, allowing them to focus on challenges specific to their culture and community

Vocational and entrepreneurship studies

To encourage our students to develop creative solutions to local challenges while learning how to run a small business, acquiring knowledge on starting their own jobs through financial literacy training, tailoring, electrical installation, plumbing and support in developing business plans.

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