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The crisis:

According to the report titled "The business of education in Africa", 1 in 4 African students of a total of 66 million students will be enrolled in private schools by 2021. Rapid population growth, poor funding, corruption and neglect has caused a serious deterioration in the quality of education in in public schools in the continent as a result more African parents are looking for private schools to ensure their kids get a good education and the demand for this alternative is sky-rocketing.


Low-cost private school face challenges of accessing cheap and flexible capital to accelerate their growth and performance at speed and scale. Commercial banks charge exorbitant interest rate of 24% making working and investment capital very expense. This leads to hiking of tuition fees as a means to service expensive credit and shifts the burden to poor parents and makes it difficult for their children to access quality education.


The schools have capacity gaps in management, business and systems development which cripples their development in the long run.



To accelerate low-cost private schools' growth through financial and management solutions so they can expand and enable access to affordable quality education in East Africa.



  • We provide affordable loan capital of about 10-12% per annum to low-cost schools, parents and teachers sacco.

  • We support low-cost schools with Management Solutions designed to enable them make better marketing, financial and leadership decisions, to accelerate school growth and performance at speed and scale enabling access to affordable quality education

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23% of the 50,000+ private schools in Uganda can afford access to credit from commercial banks or foreign funding

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