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No one can do this incredible work alone. Meet our network of partners from around the globe.


We at the BESO Foundation are incredibly grateful to all of our partners for their continuing support of our community programs. 


We would also like to acknowledge Bruno Feder & Louise Contino, two individuals who have gone above and beyond to capture the essence of our work, and who provide continued work to expand our scope of support.


Cross Geographic supports small NGOs through video and photography services. All images are donated to the benefiting organization to improve their communications and to be used for reports, their website, and for social media. Other images are sold to raise funds for short term, high-impact relief missions providing improvements to infrastructure, medical care and education. 

Picturing Wanteetee is a participatory photo project with the Wanteetee Photo Collective. All proceeds from the sales of the photographic prints, which are available to purchase from the Picturing Wanteetee website, go directly to the benefit of the Wanteete Photo Collective members and their respective families. Please visit the above link if you are interested in purchasing incredible photos from rural Ugandan photographers.

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