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Why women: 

When we support women farmers with micro-loans, they grow more food, they have enough to feed the children and family - and sell the surplus.


The more money they earn, the better they can provide for their family's health, send their children to school, and invest in their farms.


Women do the most of the world's farming work, but often have less access to capital to better their farming or start-up small-scale businesses and create the market.


Giving women access to resources through our micro-finance boots agricultural productivity in villages by 90% - feeding more people and driving economic growth through small businesses. 

What we do?

  • Providing improved farm inputs 

  • Providing extension of services

  • Providing post-harvest techniques and market access 

  • Providing vocational and skills training in arts and crafts

  • Providing entrepreneurial skills

  • To promote small enterprise development through skills training, arts and crafts, improved market access and increased business knowledge.

  • Formation of savings and credit cooperatives groups 

  • Mapping and registering pregnant mothers in the community

  • Creation of awareness of issues like attending pretenatal services, family planning and immunization of infants.

  • Nutritional training and formation of nutritious home gardens. 

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When we help them access micro-credits, they grow healthy crops and earn more income thus reduce poverty and hunger

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